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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 Summary

The episode continues the fight between Garo and Class-S Rank 15 hero Metal Bat. Metal Bat was already injured and is less skilled than Garo, so he was being easily beaten by Garo. Despite the beating Metal Bat was receiving, he would keep getting back up and sending attack after attack, but every hit wouldn’t connect. Garo was about to kill Metal Bat until Metal Bat’s younger sister came and interrupted the fight. She began yelling at Metal Bat, telling him that he shouldn’t fight other people. She started to drag him away, and Garo didn’t attempt to finish what he started. He decided to leave him be because he no longer saw him worthy to fight. Whilst this battle was occurring several powerful monsters appeared around the entire world which caused caused the hero association to panic. These monsters were able to were easily defeat most of the Class-A hero, but they left after defeating the hero’s. One of the monsters said that the battle is yet to start, so this was just a part of a larger scheme that we’ll feel fully unfold in the following episodes.

Metal Bat

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3 Summary

This episode we are properly introduced to Garo. He is a former disciple of Bang, who is ranked 3rd in the S-class division, but he was expelled after mercilessly beating up the other disciples. This man decided to go on a “hero hunt” because he sympathized with the villains who were seemingly always defeated by the hero’s. He makes his presence known walking into one of the Hero Association’s facilities then killing everyone in the building then walking out of the front door in broad daylight. He then goes throughout the city attacking whoever he sees. During thing hunt he defeated many A ranked hero’s and even rank 14 S-class hero Tank-Top Master. Garo was able to easily to dispatch Tank-Top Master after revealing his powers showing that he was capable of fighting with the best of the best. He was seemingly unbeatable, until he encounter Saitama. Saitama was shopping in a market and Garo was blocking him from buying something he wanted, so he told Garo to move. Garo was surprised that someone he never heard of was completely unfazed by him. He decided to hit his shoulder with his hand. Ordinarily, with the amount of force used a persons arm would’ve been cut off, but Saitama isn’t even remotely normal. The ground began to crumble beneath Saitama’s feet, but Saitama felt absolutely. Saitama asked him if he was some kind of thief then proceeded to return Garo’s attack with one of his own. Garo was immediately incapacitated then Saitama grabbed the item he was looking for.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 2: Summary

The world of One Punch Man is protected by hero’s, there are 4 ranks of hero’s. C, the lowest, B, A, and S, the highest rank. Within a rank, each hero is given a ranking showing their power, the lower the number, the more powerful the person. Saitama is B-class 13 and Genos is S-class 14 This episode introduces a character named Hellish Blizzard who is ranked as the B-class 1 hero. She is the younger sister of the 2nd S-class hero, Terrible Tornado. Blizzard is shown to be jealous of her elder sister but is unable to compete with her. To make herself feel better, she picks on lower ranked hero’s, so when she noticed that Saitama shot from nothing to B-class 13 so quickly, she planned to threaten him. Blizzard accompanied by two other B class hero’s knocked on the door of Saitama’s apartment. She tried to intimidate him to join her group of hero’s by telling him that she’ll make it impossible for him to progress up through the hero ranks. Of course Saitama wasn’t even remotely fazed by this. The other hero’s were taken aback by Saitama’s nonchalant attitude then tried to explain who they were. Eventually Saitama refused Blizzard’s offer, so Blizzard motioned for the other hero’s to attack Saitama. Saitama easily swatted the other hero’s into the air. Blizzard then attempted to attack Saitama, but she was unable to do anything that could possibly affect him. While they were fighting, Genos fired an attack in their direction. During their fight Genos was attacked by Speed-O’-Sound Sonic (Sonic), a villain that believes himself to be a rival of Saitama. While he is one of the most powerful men in the world, he isn’t even close to Saitama in power, so Saitama has never fought him seriously. Saitama Protected Blizzard from the blast from his mere presence, he hadn’t even blocked the attack. Saitama then walked up to Sonic. Sonic then tried to confuse Saitama by creating several after-images by moving quickly; however, Saitama immediately broke Sonic’s spirit. Saitama simply started walking side-to-side then seemingly hundreds of clones appeared. Sonic was completely defeated by Saitama without being hit a single time. After seeing Saitama’s display of power, Blizzard immediately conceded defeat. Afterwards, Blizzard was in Saitama’s apartment and began to explain why she did what she did. Saitama saw no problem with having this person who was previous enemy in his house because she wasn’t even close to being a treat to either him or Genos.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 Summary

The episode begins with Saitama, the one punch man, walking with his cyborg partner, Genos. Then they see King the number 1 hero in the entire world. To the audience, it looked like King was about to face an evil robot that was threatening to kill everyone in the city, but in reality King was just a regular man who had terrible luck. The robot told King that he wants to kill him to see how powerful he is, but King told him that he needs to go to the bathroom to reach full power. This was obviously a lie, but the robot didn’t notice. Once in the bathroom, King was having a mental crisis, but he eventually found his resolve and left. He then turned on the video game he had just bought and was sitting in his living room. The cyborg Genos began fighting the robot and was struggling, but he had seemed to have the upper hand. However Saitama was nowhere in sight, he simply left Genos to fight the robotalone. Instead of helping Genos, he broke into the apartment of King to see why he wasn’t fighting the robot. Eventually Saitama and King began playing a game together, but monster crashed into Kings apartment and utterly demolished it upon impact. King was saved by Saitama who easily grabbed the monster that flew into the apartment and was simply holding him like it was nothing. King immediately went into panic mode, as he thought his life was about to end. He eventually confessed that he was completely powerless and that he happens to attract powerful monsters. The only reason that he’s still alive is because an actually hero happens to arrive and save him, and everyone see’s him as a hero since he takes the credit for defeating the monster. King was prepared for Saitama to be furious that he has stolen his credit; however, Saitama didn’t care in the slightest. Saitama just said that he’ll come by every now and then to play games then jumped out of the now gaping hole of Kings 22nd floor apartment. Genos emerged victorious from his battle with the first monster, but he was injured greatly. He returned to his creator with some of the robots components to upgrade his own mechanical parts and vowed to become more powerful. He also stated that his goal was to become the 10th most powerful hero in the entire world and to find the cyborg that wronged him in the past.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 1 arc 1 Summary

Shigeo Kageyama, commonly referred to as Mob, is a seemingly ordinary middle school student; however, unlike other kids he was born with extraordinary psychic powers. However, due to his teachings from his powerless sensei, Reigen Arataka, he tries to keep his power suppressed. This causes Mob to rarely display his emotions sense he must keep them in check, but when he experiences a burst of emotion, he can’t control himself. In Mob’s first real battle, he get inducted into a cult lead by a man named Dimple. Dimple was actually a ghost possessing the body of a man and using his powers to force people into being his slaves. Mob however was far too powerful for there to be any effect which infuriates Dimple. Dimple then decides to attack Mob which was a fatal mistake as Mob was far more powerful than him. Dimple was seemingly vaporized; however, he survived and went to Mob’s home to become his partner. Of course, Dimple had planned to take advantage of Mob; however, Dimple was never given the opportunity.

Shigeo Kageyama / Mob
Reigen Arataka
Mob with power released
Dimple Before meeting Mob
Dimple during fight
Dimple as Mob’s partner

Summary: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 3

In this episode, the main character, Naofumi, recruits a slave named Raftalia. This is quite strange since usually main characters of anime tend to be against such practices; however, Naofumi has no other options. Naofumi must defeat monsters to grow more powerful, but his offensive capabilities are lacking due to the fact can only use a shield.


Summary: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 2

The episode picks up immediately where the last one left off. Naofumi ends up deciding to buy a half-racoon demi-human named, Raphtalia, after hearing about her story. We then watch how the two interact on a daily basis and see how they feel towards each other. Initially Naofumi is cold and distant; however, by the end of the episode he’s willing to sacrifice his life defending her from a monster likely due to the fact that she’s been his only teammate that has stuck by him.

Summary: Dororo Episode 1

The story begins with Daigo Kagemitsu, the leader of a poor land, who has high ambitions; however, he believes that the Buddha wouldn’t be able to provide sufficiently. Daigo approaches the 48 devils for dominance on the battlefield; however, this came at a great cost. Daigo’s first son, Hyakkimaru loses his organs to said demons. Daigo then disowned his son and ordered him to be killed; however, the lady who was sent to kill him pitied him and spared his life. A medicine man stumbled upon Hyakkimaru and gave him basic prosthetics including some weapons which Hyakkimaru uses to fight demons to reclaim his body piece by piece. While Hyakkimaru was killing another demon he meets Dororo, a young thief, who begins to follow him.

Summary: The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 1

This story begins the same as most other anime in the isekai genre. The main character is a random nobody who gets transported to another world; however, the story takes a sharp turn quickly. Naofumi Iwatani, the main character was a shut-in for the most part, only leaving his house to go to the library to buy more manga and light novels to read. While looking for a book, a strange looking one falls from the bookshelf and captures Naofumi’s attention. It’s a story about 4 hero’s who are prophesied to save the world by defeating the waves of monsters who threaten the kingdoms. Naofumi becomes the shield hero which causes everyone to disrespect him early on as they believe hint o be incompetent due how he was portrayed in the stories. Naofumi’s “teammates” add to the peoples disdain towards Naofumi by spreading rumors that Naofumi is ignorant about how the world functions. By the morning, everyone has decided that Naofumi was undeserving of any respect or assistance. This was best shown when the kings was giving out assistants for the hero’s. Not a single person wanted to assist Naofumi and when Naofumi asked for people to help him out, they refused. All of the sudden, the princess, Malty Melromarc, offers to assist Naofumi. He happily agrees to her seemingly generous offer and they begin collecting supplies. Naofumi was given 800 silver coins to purchase any needed gear and hire any additional assistants by the king. When shopping for gear Malty convinces him to spend extra money on her instead of him and they end up spending most of the money. Afterwords, they go to an inn to eat and spend the night. Malty offered him a drink, but he refused and went to sleep. Once Naofumi woke up he noticed all of his things were missing, so he tried looking for Malty to tell her the bad news. however, a large number of guards stopped him and told him the king wishes to speak with him. When he arrives, he asks Malty if she’s alright; however, she moves behind one of the hero’s. Naofumi then tries to inform the king that he’s been robbed; however, the king interrupted him shouting, “Quit, scumbag!” Malty then proceeds to claim that Naofumi had done a grave crime to her the previous night, an obvious lie; however, nobody other than Naofumi and her knew that. Naofumi attempts to defend himself, but it falls upon deaf ears, he was already guilty in the eyes of the people. Once Naofumi realizes that the people wont believe him, he throws the change at her and leaves claiming that he’ll work alone. He then walks off with no money, no respect, and no help. He begins training and acquiring money however he can. At the end of the episode, he is greeting by a shady looking character who offers him assistance in the form of a slave. Naofumi accepts the offer as he’s grown bitter and distrusts everybody but in need of help. The episode ends with him looking at a demi-human girl of the raccoon race.